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About Us

Barry Crowe Sales and Service, L.C. has been servicing the Texas panhandle with Precision Planting ® products for 18 years.

Barry Crowe Sales & Service, L.C. is an authorized premier dealer of Precision Planting ®. We pride ourselves on our experience and knowledge and dedicated team.

We are certified precision agriculture experts, with rigorous training and knowledge of the industry and issues facing you today. As a Premier Dealer, we are experienced professionals helping you know and yield more. A Premier Dealer is the only specialist that can offer the entire Precision Planting product line.

Our team at Barry Crowe Sales and Service, L.C. is dedicated to serving all of your planter upgrade and repair needs. Contact us so that together, we can work out a plan to improve productivity and efficiency in your planting operations.


As Barry Crowe Seed, L.C., we are Channel Seedsmen.

We have lived and worked in the Texas panhandle for over 43 years working with farmers, their families and their employees, taking pride in knowing the land, climate, growing conditions and personal preferences of our customers.

Barry Crowe Seed, L.C., has been servicing the Texas Panhandle in the seed business for 37 years.

As Channel® Seedsmen, we have a unique opportunity to work in the fields with farmers all year long. This makes us much more than seed salesmen—it makes us trusted advisors. To earn this trust, we spend time getting to know how our customers like to farm. We get to know their fields, local growing conditions and unique challenges first-hand. Armed with this knowledge, we help convert the latest farming trends and technologies into decision-making tools for farmers. Backed by the support of the entire Channel team, the elite seed genetics and the latest Monsanto trait innovations, Channel Seedsmen truly are the best of the best.


What does it mean to be a Channel Seedsman?

  • Knowing our customers and their fields
  • Knowing all we can about the newest seed technologies to get the most out of every acre
  • Delivering knowledgeable planting recommendations and expert advice
  • Providing elite seed products and customized service to help our customers reach their farming goals


We also sell Climate® FieldView and Martin-Till® products.


Forward Thinking

Trusted Advisors

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Service and Support

Barry Crowe

Barry Crowe

Owner and President

Contact Barry Crowe: 806-922-6271

 Kevin Williams

Kevin Williams

General Manager, Certified Precision Planting Technician

Contact Kevin Williams: 806-922-6681

Joe Bravo

Joe Bravo

Certified Precision Planting Technician

Contact Joe Bravo: 806-930-1405

Kenny Brown

Kenny Brown

Meter Technician

Contact Kenny Brown: 806-948-5460